Alexandra "Garthes" Jones

Commander of the Sword branch of the Dragonslayers


Short, stocky and muscular, she likes playing Elves. British of Indian descent, she has dark skin and black hair.

People joke that her character is the weird love child of an Elf and a Dwarf.

Wears chainmail and a nasty looking battleaxe into combat.

Her character’s name is Garthes the Fortress.

[Don’t you mind the glowy thing on her forehead. This is was the best I could find! – M]
[Ok, i’ll add the Elven ears to the list of things id on’t mind. – A]
[Well, she does LARP an Elf… – M]


Alexandra was being groomed to take over the family business as a jewelry smith since she was young. She wasn’t entirely happy about it, finding it rather boring, until she got into a improv theatre group when she started Uni and was exposed to LARPing through the Dragonslayers. She decided to apprentice herself to the group’s current smith and learned the arts of armor- and weaponsmithing.

Now, along with her teacher, Alexandra takes care of most of the weapons and armor of the Dragonslayers.

She met Volkov because Alexandra was dissatisfied with her two left feet and wanted to be more graceful. She heard good things about Volkov’s studio and that he was newbie-friendly.

Alexandra and Volkov hit it off splendidly and became fast friends. She goes to his studio at least twice a week.

Alexandra is probably the only one outside of Volkov’s family and select parts of the Russian military that knows that the slender dancer knows how to fight.

While walking together to the tube after one of her first lessons, Volkov tried to intervene and talk down two large men trying to rob a young person. She was shocked when she saw him, rather brutally, beat the two men down without so much as a change of expression when they proved unwilling to leave.

When pressed on the matter (“That was super dangerous, what were you thinking?!” “How even did you do that?!”), he just shrugged and said that his mother had raised him right. She didn’t really know what to think until she met the lady…

Colonel Volkova, Nadia as she insists to be called by Alex, is intimidating, but the ladies get along very well. Whenever Nadia is in town to see one of Volkov’s shows, the three of them go and eat somewhere nice.

Eventually they developed an on and off again type relationship where sometimes they go on dates and sleep together and other times just hang out and work on their dancing or LARP gear, while maybe looking for intimacy elsewhere.

Alexandra has been in the Dragonslayers for some 5-6 years and is well liked by the group. When one of the founders wanted to retire Alexandra was nominated to take his position to everyone’s agreement.

She goes to a lot of LARPs and sells her work (also how she initially convinced her parents about this hobby of hers), which was a pleasant, and surprising, alternative source of revenue for the family business. She sells everything from rings and necklaces to chainmail and zweihänders (she made Volkov’s for a term worth of dancing lessons).

Alexandra "Garthes" Jones

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