Dmitri Volkov

Graceful Vector who Needs no Weapons


Lithe and a bit short of stature, blond hair and beard. Quite muscular.
34 years old with a spring in his step. Never wears enough for the weather.

Wearing leather armor and shows with a large zweihänder on his back. Also has a backpack with some clothes, necessities, his laptop and smartphone.

Powers can be found here.


Volkov grew up a “military brat”. His mother was a Russian military attache that moved around a lot and brought Volkov along.

Volkov was reticent and didn’t make friends easily because he always have to move to a new country within the a couple of years; USA, UK, Zimbabwe, Syria, Vietnam & Japan.

However that changed when he was around 8 and went with his mother to see Swan Lake. He was hypnotized and fell in love.

He badgered and begged and finally got a concession from his mother, as long as his grades were consistently in the top 10%, Volkov would be allowed to study dancing with a focus on Ballet.

To the surprise of most, he had a real talent for it. It also helped that he was surprisingly resilient, Volkov never seemed to get small bruises, always recovered much faster than the others and could go on for much longer than the others. Also, no matter the weather and conditions he seemed mostly unfazed and never seemed to mind whatever Mother Nature threw at him.

To his mother’s great pleasure, he also thought it was fun to watch and, at her prompting, join in on the soldiers’ training, especially one of the older Spetnaz thought it was fun to train the boy and taught him many a lethal technique. Volkov was around 10 when he got to start shooting at the firing range.

At age 18, he auditioned and got into Julliard. There he got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. After that he danced a lot in New York and ended up in London, because he got to fulfill his dream – to dance in Bolshoi’s Swan Lake! Of course, he wasn’t the main attraction, he was in the chorus, but Volkov didn’t mind.

Because of his constitution and skill he didn’t lack work. He could work harder and longer than most of his rivals and usually got picked. He never became a big name and no one but a Ballet buff or fellow dancer would ever recognize him, he was still well liked and known for his work ethics.

Volkov was excited at the prospect to getting his driver’s license and tried to take his license as soon as he got to New York . He signed up at the nearest driving school to his small apartment and was told to never come back after 25 minutes behind the wheel.

Volkov tried out at a couple of more places before his picture must have been sent out to the other schools because he would be turned away at the door.

After that, when he was back in Moscow visiting his mother over the summer, she suggested that one of the special forces could take some time and teach him and in worse cases she would order a civil servant to issue Volkov a license.

It took the lieutenant 40 minutes and some new grey hair before he called and told Colonel Volkova that her son was a lost cause and should never, ever be allowed behind the wheel again. This confused Volkova terribly since he is generally so in tune with his body and how to control it, but she followed her subordinates recommendation.

When Volkov was 30 he left “active service”, so to speak, and opened a small but respected dance studio, where he has to disabuse the young men from trying to keep up with him. There are even some betting pools among the older members on how long they can keep up…

Volkov stumbled into LARPing in his mid 20s when a friend introduced him to it. To begin with it was mostly because they needed an extra person in the group and he borrowed all the gear. But Volkov found a passion to almost rival his love of dancing.

He got into a LARP troupe called The Dragonslayers that consists of 25 members that go to various medieval/fantasy LARPs across the world as an infamous mercenary band with the same name.

Volkov pours a lot of money and time into this now. He also teaches other members dancing and fencing in return for practical skills about woodmanship, upkeep of clothes and weapons, acting and whatnot.

Volkov tries to go to at least 3 larger LARPs outside of the UK and 1-2 smaller ones in the nearby areas per year. For the first time in quite some time, every Dragonslayer is available and coming to the Tchlin LARP which is expected to draw some 5-6 thousand people.

Dmitri Volkov

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