Margaret Conway

Strange Paradox who conduct weird science




When Megan was a little girl no one would say that there was anything wrong about her. No matter the grade she was in, at parent-teacher night, they all would say that she never made any sort of trouble, always handed in her papers and generally was a good girl. Megan had never bothered to ask what it meant to be a good girl. She was just being herself. In daycare she had been fine with playing alone surrounded by other kids playing around her. When she started school sometimes the other kids in her class forgot that she’d been a part of their game of hide and seek. Not having any friends to play with after school made her parents worried, but time and time again the teachers reassured them that there was nothing going on with Megan and that she was not being bullied.

As she hit her early teens her rebellious side started to show. She managed to be an accustom presence in a group of girls at school that let her tag along to parties and other after school activities that her parents did not approve off. One time Megan and her mother had been so angry at each other that Megan had shattered the hallway mirror. At least that was her mother’s take on it. Megan on the other hand had been screaming on the top of her lungs that she hadn’t touched the damn mirror.

The group of other girls continued to let Megan hang around throughout high school, but they never called her on weekends to talk or meet up. Instead it was always Megan that spent her weekends calling her friends trying to find out what was happening. Often she would still end up alone reading a book or doing homework. She enjoyed learning new things and unlike her “friends” she was the only one pursuing an education in science after graduation.
Since the university was in another town Megan moved into a collective. Being used to other people throwing or being invited to parties Megan almost compellingly asked her frat mates about their evening plans. She found out fast it wasn’t very common for these nerds to go out and have fun and that she couldn’t depend on them to get her places. Luckily most university parties did not require an invitation and were freely advertised so Megan had no problem going out partying whenever she had the chance.

Megan was completely taken by surprise when one of her classmates asked if she could tag along with her to a party. No one ever asked her for anything. The friendship immediately blossomed and Megan finally learned what friendship really was. They spent hours talking about everything and nothing and out of many subjects Megan’s memories of the broken hallway mirror came up. A long and deeply scientific discussion, fueled with alcohol, followed trying to decide what could have broken the mirror if no one had touched it and it hadn’t fallen down. Recreations of the scene where made to try and understand what could have happened. That’s when Megan started to understand that despite what all her teachers always had said there might very well be something wrong with her.

During the final term a Scientist visited their class and after some testing and interviews a few selected students were offered an internship at CERN in Switzerland. Megan’s friend was amongst those who got picked. Being used to getting left out Megan didn’t hold any grudge instead she met up with her friend after the announcement and ended up having an even deeper scientific discussion what they could have found out about Megan’s strange abilities if they had access to the equipment at CERN. This time also some celebrating alcohol was thrown into the mix. Less than a week later the head sciences called Megan saying that he’d received a very fine letter of recommendation about her and that after reviewing her tests and notes he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t picked her out already for an internship. Megan happily accepted the possibility fairly certain that the letter had been written by her friend and not one of professor at the university.

At the moment Megan has full employment at CERN together with her friend where they, as a top secret side project, are studying the cause of Megan’s rare abilities, reporting back to no one.

Margaret Conway

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