Nadia Volkova

Russian military badass


61 years old. Tall, muscular with a face only a son could love. Scarred from active duty and front line fighting. Has a large gouge down the side of her face from an IED in Afghanistan.

Always dressed in impeccable military uniform with her medals prominently visible.

Picture from when she led troops to quell an insurrection in Georgia in her youth.


Volkova could never take no for an answer and bullied her way into the Russian army despite it being highly controversial at age 18.

She wanted to be a Spetsnaz and nothing would stop her, not even every single one of her superiors who tried to bully her out of the training. They would force her to do more with less rest and food than her fellow recruits.

Luckily, Volkova is made of sterner stuff and that some of her comrades proved to be true friends. With their support she managed to get through the training and be sent out into battle. Volkova over the years managed to acquire an impressive amount of medals.

When she was 27 she gave birth to a boy. Whenever asked about the father, Volkova would get a grim look and say that “It has been taken care off.” and leave it at that.

Volkova became a military attaché when she was was 31 and brought Dmitri along. He didn’t handle the constant moving particularly well and was starting to get listless which was causing Volkova a lot of worry.

That changed when the boy fell in love with dance. Sensing an opportunity, she used the carrot of dance lessons to get him to focus more on his studies. It did wonders for his grades, disposition and general demeanor.

After that, Volkova would actively aim to get posted in cities that had good or renowned schools of dance. It probably cost her shot at becoming a general, but she doesn’t mind too much. Colonel isn’t all that bad, either…

Whenever Dmitri is to be part of a production, he reserves a seat for her, always the third seat from the left on the second row. Volkova tries her best to go at least once of every show, but they both know that isn’t always possible. Dmitri doesn’t begrudge his mother her work, but always gets very happy when he spots her in the audience.

Volkova is very proud of her son and supportive of his endeavors, especially since he seems to have inherited her military skill. Not that he has any formal military training, but the boy has spent a lot of time in the fields with her troops, and he has taken to it like a fish in water.

However, she does tease him for dressing up and playing with toys in the woods.

Nadia Volkova

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