Raphaël Lambert

Introverted Paradox who Works the System


Name: Raphaël Lambert
Internet Alias: bibliofile (play on the word bibliophile)
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Origin: Essone, Île-de-France, France
Languages: French, English and some German.
Parents: Mother (Joëlle Lambert, maiden surname: Ménétries) alive (69 years old), father (Gaëtan Lambert) dead since early childhood (suicide; jumped in front of train due to depression)
Siblings: None
Relatives: Grandmother (Abelone Lambert) and grandfather (Damien Lambert), both alive and well in a small villa in Essone, France.


Summary: French born security consultant earning food on table and roof over head by selling out to large corporations.

Raphaël Lambert born in France, grew up as the only child in an academic family. The mother a mathematician and the father a linguist.

His father commited suicide when Raphaël was a young boy and has since been brought up by his mother to the best of her abilities. She worked as a professor at École polytechnique in mathematics, researching epistemology and artificial general intelligence (humanlike).

When growing up He quickly showed signs of introversion and capabiliy of deep thinking, so his mother began tutoring him in mathematics. She “borrowed” a Pentium II from the university to give him something to occupy his mind on after the disappearance of his father. This prooved to be a double-edged decision.

The lack of a father figure in his life took its toll and he became somewhat rebellious in his teenage years. With his

Where did I grow up?

Interesting events during childhood? Why computers?

Hacker → InfoSec or…?

Blackhat, grayhat or whitehat?

Clear connection to Patriks character, made his life harder?

Education? Home, university, company education?








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Raphaël Lambert

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