Torsten Gottschalk

A stealthy spinner who operates undercover


Born to a pair of moderately successfully actors Torsten early years was good and kind to him.
Around the time he turned 7 years old both parents got work at travelling theatre, which meant that Torsten also travelled.

Academically this may not have been the best move to do. Constantly switching teachers, meeting new people and never really getting any close friends made school difficult. While never failing any grade he never excelled either. After a while it became a sort of routine, move, meet people, get start to get to know a few of them and then move again. He took a callous approach to it and started practising his acting on his new classmates. He learned to quickly fit in, become accepted and liked. He also started falling in with the wrong crowds. Stealing, lying, cheating on tests, petty theft became everyday occurrences. Even after elementary school he kept living a sort of double life. He started working with his parents on the travelling theatre, minor roles at first then getting a few decent ones. But on his off time he would find local criminal elements and do odd jobs for kicks, skimming, courier. Sometimes con jobs on his own initiative. Always avoiding the law by moving to new areas.

As he grew older he also grew bolder and more ambitious, he wanted bigger payoffs and more high risk hits. So at 25 he took a sabbatical from work and travelled around Europe to find a crew and a heist.

Eventually he found a crew and started working as the groups Face. He usually did negotiations and any parts that required smooth talking. As hiests required more and more of him he also picked up other skills enabling him to work more efficiently while infiltrating.

Torsten Gottschalk

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