The Dragonslayers

The Dragonslayers are a semiprofessional LARP group, they consist of 25 members of varying specialties and areas of expertise.

They’ve been around for some 20 years and are very restrictive with bringing in new people.

Volkov was lucky to get in through one of his pupils and friends, Alexandra Jones, who is one of the 3 leaders of the group.

The Dragonslayers have a regular presence at at least 15 LARPs per year and usually some 10-12 members go to any given event.

They’ve also gotten in some money by going in full gear to events or even being extras in some smaller movies.

While in-character they play as an infamous mercenary band with the same name, they have a reputation of taking any job, no matter how unsavory, and completing it – as long as you can reward them accordingly!

Some members:

  1. Miles Sladek; Ulag the Brave, Half-Orc Cleric of Pelor
  2. Jennifer Pacinelli; Haera Slatefall, Elven Ranger
  3. Audrey Cavanaugh; Strixahr, Half-demon Rogue
  4. Jesse Alford; Thangrac Thunderview, Dwarven Warrior
  5. Tamiko Kawata; Verelis Nightstalker, Drow Assassin

The Dragonslayers

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