Diego Vargas

Up and coming ballet dancer


Beautiful young man, with curly dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin.

Tall, agile and surpringly strong, this 21 years old is popular among quite a few different quarters.


Diego moved to London from Argentina with his parents when he was 14. His parents wanted him to continue with his dancing and they managed to convince Volkov, who usually doesn’t take underage pupils, to take the boy under his wing (it didn’t hurt that Diego was obviously skilled and that the Vargas were willing to pay a lot of money).

Despite being a sore loser and rather spoiled, Diego is a charming young man that makes friends easily – his looks don’t hurt either.

Now he is a rising star and getting a lot of recognition in London. Volkov would probably never admit it, but he is proud of his star pupil.

Diego is rather frustrated that despite being some 12 years younger than Volkov he still can’t match him when it comes to stamina and recovery – "aren’t people supposed to get more fragile with age?! ", he has said on occasion.

Diego Vargas

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