Volkov's Powers and Foci

Vector powers

  1. Practiced With All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.
  2. Translation: You can participate in the process of traveling to another recursion. Each time you do, you can choose to initiate, hasten, or ease a translation. If you choose to hasten or ease the process, someone else in the group must initiate the translation.
    As a vector, you are most effective at easing a translation. This easing advantage allows group members to acclimate more quickly after the translation is complete.
    In order to translate, you must know that the recursion you are translating to exists. The GM will decide if you have enough information to confirm its existence and determine what level of difficulty is needed to reach the destination. Action to initiate.
  3. Endurance: Any duration dealing with physical actions is either doubled or halved, whichever is better for you. For example, if the typical person can hold their breath for thirty seconds, you can hold it for one minute. If the typical person can march for four hours without stopping, you can do so for eight hours. In terms of harmful effects, if a poison paralyzes its victims for one minute, you are paralyzed for thirty seconds. The minimum duration is always one round. Enabler.
  4. No Need for Weapons: When you make an unarmed attack (such as a punch or kick), you can choose whether you make the attack as if using a medium weapon or as if using a light weapon. Enabler.

Focus: Needs no Weapons (D) – from Earth

  1. Fists, Elbows, and Knees of Fury: You inflict 2 additional points of damage with unarmed attacks. Enabler.
  2. Tough As Nails: You have +1 to Armor if you do not wear physical armor. Enabler.

Focus: Slays Dragons – from Ardeyn

  1. Dragon Sword: You are practiced with greatswords and lances. Enabler.
  2. Dragon Bane: You inflict 1 additional point of damage with weapons. When you inflict damage to creatures more than twice as large or massive as you, you inflict 3 additional points of damage. Enabler.
  3. Dragon Lore: You are trained in the names, habits, suspected lairs, and related topics regarding dragons in Ardeyn. You can make yourself understood in the language of dragons. Enabler.

Volkov's Powers and Foci

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